Hello everyone. Lovefilm question

    Did the Blockbuster free trial and a tv series counted as 1 rental (received the discs all at once) Just started the Tesco free trial and have had 2 episodes of a series on one dvd sent out and counted as one rental (and at only 4 dvds per month this will prob us the trial up) so was wondering how Lovefilm do it please.


    I just signed up for Lovefilm and my first rental was Smallville Season 7. It seems that Lovefilm rental is per disc rather than per series as I got the first 8 episodes on 2 discs, but have to send them back before I can get next episodes

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    Thanks for that. Thats a shame, especially when youve got them over the weekend. Guess Ill go with blockbuster when ive finished my trials.

    The free trial period I signed up for is 90 days, so I'm not too disappointed - besides, if I got all the episodes at once, I'd never get anything done! :roll:

    1 disc at a time with lovefilm, blockbuster is the same for me always got 1 disc not a whole season.
    sign up for the 3 month free trial with 3 dvds at home at once lots of voucher codes on here
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