Hello Hello, Is there anybody out there?

    Just nod if you can hear me...
    Is there anyone at home?

    ( Only allowed to talk in song lyrics !)... new rule


    :thumbsup: im still up

    Original Poster

    sshhhh.. its oh so quiet


    speak my friend you look surprised

    Original Poster

    We cower in our shelters
    With our hands over our ears
    Lloyd-Webber's awful stuff
    Runs for years and years and years
    An earthquake hits the theatre
    But the operetta lingers
    Then the piano lid comes down
    And breaks his ****ing fingers
    It's a miracle


    When dawn came stealing up, all gold and blue
    To interrupt our rendez-vous,
    I still remember how you smiled and said,
    "Was that a dream? Or was it true?"

    I'm up and will be until 6 am!

    Still here!

    1541 Guests, 173 Members on here


    im comfortably numb

    England 1--USA.......................Green

    I'm a little teapot.

    Shadapa Your Face.
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