Hello, hello, what's all this shouting?

    We'll have no trouble here.


    This is a local thread for local people only

    Not if I'm here it is not!

    No trouble y'say? Ok I'm sure we can all be nice...

    Original Poster

    we didn't burn him

    he was trying to steal the precious things

    my insides there all wrong

    i can i can't

    ive made a little brown fish

    Can of coke please

    I can, I cant


    Pens are my friends


    Will Heaven be like Swansea, Edward?


    Can of coke pleaseI can, I cant

    You are a shop aren't you?

    No...I am a Lady

    ...shaking hands with the governor of love

    Original Poster

    is Dave there?



    LOL @ the spelling mistake there:p

    I'm still recovering from being dragged on rides by a 6 year old at Alton Towers.

    Robbie Fowler was behind me in the queue for the squirrel ride.

    He isn't too bad looking in the flesh.

    If only my fella had told me he was loaded before I saw him :x



    Hmm there's a queue for hiding nuts? WOW

    His nuts were worth hiding
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