Hello John, need a new motor?

    Trying to help my ma buy a car. She has 6 grand to spend. Wants something 3-4 years old, not as big as the Rover estate she had but bigger than a small car. Reasonably roomy/eco/easy to drive. I have a giant auction house (like 5 Car sales a week, Arnold Clark, guys like that) near me.
    I have a spectacularly poor knowledge of modern cars. Any good cars I should be looking at? Could I risk an auction? Any major pitfalls in buying in general?
    Thanks in advance for any help.


    I wouldn't risk auction unless you know someone in the knowledge. car supermarkets are cheap if you don't get caught for extras/finance. just pay screen price only. diesel mondeo estate,407 estate,focus .

    Original Poster

    Thanks so much. Paying cash.

    A Seat Altea might fit the bill... - nice and roomy with pretty big boot but not a huge car at all. Also the lot of really cool features as standard and many secondhand ones have a lot of options added.

    i would only venture into the car auction if you are a mechanic or know a lot about cars.

    we buy our car from car supermarkets which is very good value. apparently they are not as good as they used to be but may be worth a visit.
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