hello kitty pogo stick

Found 14th Aug 2010
has anyone seen one of these ? my little girl has asked for one for her birthday. i did google it but couldnt see one
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Haven't seen a Hello Kitty one before - my eldest is HK daft. If you can't find one how about a pink/purple pogo stick and sticking Hello Kitty stickers on it?

Something like this?


How old is she? She may not notice that its not an "official" Hello Kitty item (done that before LOL)

thats a good idea thank you for that might try that idea lol she is hk obsessed she is 6
Totally understand where you're coming from X) I've even done it for birthday cakes etc. She's 16 now so stuff wasn't as available then as it is now so I had to learn to adapt - its amazing what you can do with a few stickers! The 4 year old is now starting to obsess about it but thnkfully there's a lot more choice. Good luck!
Toys r us, I've seen them there
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