Hello strangers!!

Posted 30th Jul
So I dissapeared off the site just before lockdown due to the loss of my kids dad.
At the time I won a competition from @myusernamehasgone234 so firstly I’d like to thank him for getting me even fatter over lockdown and for my Easter chocolate bundle and secondly hello to everyone I hope you’re all well

Parisp xx
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Great to see you back!
Great to see you back, .

I'm really sorry to hear your news you must have been through a really tough time.
Hello @parisp & welcome back!
Hello Paris 😃 sorry for your loss. I was starting to think you left us
Welcome back 😁
Nice to see you back
Sorry for your loss, Hope you and your kids are coping well. All the best, Welcome back.
What happened?
How are you doing?
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