Hello, what does it mean when you live in a 1_3% radon area? How dangerous is it for one's health?

Found 3rd Apr
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We live in an area that was marked as that on the house buying report. It didn't stop us buying it and i did my own test using a device you can buy online and send it off to get an accurate reading. 1_3% is not particularly likely that its your house over the target action.

(http://radosure.com/shop/) is the device i bought if you already have the house and wanted to be happier about it.

Turns out our house is under the target number and well under the action levels that are set out.

Large areas of the country are designated as Radon areas, so on any home buyers report it would be flagged - ukradon.org/inf…aps
Thanks for reply. One more question if your place is near the library and shops etc (also in 1_3%), and basically spending all day n night in such a zone, does it affect your health and how quickly? I understand there may be ways to reduce the level at home but what about living in such an area? Or is it not really a concern? Thank you for all input.
1_3% means between 1 to 3 houses per 100 are above the 200 target level that's been set.

You'd expect that to be the same for shops/libraries etc in the same area. So that entirely depends on whether they are in that 1 to 3 houses(places)

Personally i'm not overly concerned by it in our area, i can't really say much about it as all i've read is whats on the internet. All i'd say if it was really terrible to health and it happened quickly, nobody would live in Cornwall or large parts of wales..

Don't think either of those places have much fluctuation in health issues to places with no Radon.
I wouldn’t worry too much about it I live in an area 10 - 30%
deleted15973443rd Apr

I wouldn’t worry too much about it I live in an area 10 - 30%

but that is at 30,000 feet

I just noticed my Mother lives in a greater than 30 area in Devon. I will research a little further and report back
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Radon is an odorous gas which tends to hang around at floor level, you can help reduce it by having vents at a low level to allow the gas to escape.
Where my mother lives I believe is 10-30
She has vents around the edge of her house
Found this if it's a help
Read whatever found online about it but still unclear whether bad or not in a lifetime or for kids. Anyone with information as to what length of time re exposure cause harm, please advise. Thank you
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