HELLOOOooo !! from Portugal

Hey everyone, its meeeeee Saxo !!!

Just to tell you all its totally roasting here, its been like 35 degrees and my tan us coming on superb lol

Im thinking of all of you in britain and you really arent missing much .......:w00t: :w00t: YEH right !!!

Hope everyone is ok and ill maybe pop on later to see what has been written:p


Dino, you bloomin forgot about me in your memorable HUKD members list HUH !! im gutted :giggle:

Wish you were here



post a pic

lucky you and mrs saxo! hope you have a nice time.

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Ill try get a piccy up

Bah humbug, it's bloody raining herehttp://img374.imageshack.us/img374/8536/2823v2yu.gif,:thumbsup:

Wish i was there too. Could do with another holiday.

Hope you're having fun. :thumbsup:

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Does anyone have a link so i can get into my msn live account to speak to friends

I cant seem to get it on this comp as its restricted downloads


forget msn,your on holiday!!, enjoy it!!


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lol yeh i suppose lou

im really enjoying myself, its really good

been missing the company from HUKD tho lol

thanks sam


been missing the company from HUKD tho lol

how long you been out there? lol


bless :thumbsup:

enjoy while you can:giggle:

So after your thread....did you find you'd forgotten anything?

good on yah saxo...enjoy and have a great time.

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hey never forgot anything, thanks for the list guys lol

Mrs saxo is sleeping just now, went to an open market, lots of smelly dried fish etc then we went to a market that sold anything like but the real mcoys lol

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how long you been out there? lol:giggle: bless :thumbsup:

Still got another week and a half :thumbsup:

yeh yeh your enjoying yourself and your still going into HUKD no offense people but if i was on holiday i would enjoy while i can:-D

[SIZE=2]Where abouts you staying? 2 of my fav places are Tavira (Eastern Algarve) & Evora (Northish of Tavira). Tavira is really old & not full of Brits somewhat refreshing from the West. It's also only a 2 hour drive from Seville which is a great city.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Evora is inland & steeped in history - the church is definitely worth the entrance fee.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Roll on July when I'm off next.[/SIZE]

Where abouts in Portugal are you? Im off there in July as my old man lives out there

Lucky sod!, The weather is on and off here!

Bit of warmth today but not a heat wave!

Hope you're enjoying the holiday! (and making the most of the weather!, lol!)

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Were in albefeira « think thats how you spell it.

going out to tonight to get extremely drunk tonight....Sangria all the way !!!

hehehe hic !

I went there like 4 years ago, theres an amazing pizza place right near the centre of the strip


Thats fab ! Glad you're having a great time saxo http://www.cheatsws.com/hukd/16.gif

Down a cold one for me saxo.:thumbsup:

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hi all, i downed quite a few cold ones last night plus i was up singing to the karaokee lol
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