Helly Hansen Walking Jackets

    Im doing a walk on sunday called the High Street up in the lakes near Helvellyn.

    Was out today on a geology field trip using a Fishing Jacket, but its a bit long & a Helly Hansen Jacket that my Step dad has (bought from a walking/hiking store) would be better.

    Anyway, although he has used it in rain, he doesnt think it is fully waterproof, I think it would be as it looks it & he hasnt had problem with it, also I dont think they would sell expensive walking jackets like it which arent.

    I'm going to try & get my own tomorrow in Town but if anyone has any idea about it then let me know. Are they generally waterproof?



    Not sure about Helly Hansen being a good one mate but there are lots of brands out there making walking jackets. You get what you pay for. A good one will be waterproof and breathable. Cheap ones will be waterproof or not, and often you get as wet on the inside anyway as they retain the moisture inside and don't breathe. Unless you can get a good one and it rains you may be better off with a good windproof fleece and layers and cheap waterproof for short time use.

    Nike ACG really good or try sports world do good waterproof thick puffy coats

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    Picked something up from Winfields in the end as a temopry one to see if I liked walking & it could be upgraded in a few months or something.

    Ended up in the Duddon Valley getting soaked but the Jacket was Brilliant so will be using that for a while hopefully.

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