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Posted 5th Nov
Hi Everyone

I was wandering if anyone has come across the Help 2 buy scheme
for new windows and doors apparently they can give upto £200 and it’s not government funded I think it will be Safestyle UK fitting everything, any advice/help will be appreciated, thanks in adv
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Sometimes you have to cut through the chaff of marketing-speak to get to the real cost. An item quietly uplifted by 100% of its typical base price is obviously a bargain when the trader applies its 50% off promo.
Search Safestyle on here, and read some of the threads for other members experiences. If in need contact them by PM if still in doubt.
All companies will charge you as much as you will PAY.
I have a blown Payne in my downstairs double glazed window.
I called around and was told around £120 - £150 to supply and fit.
My mate came over and in ten minutes he had popped it out and measured it and replaced it in the frame.
Went to a local window company, Cost £15 to make a new panel and five pound for spacers and 4mm foam tape.

I would look for a local company, also get multiple quotes.
Make sure you know what you want, what level of security energy efficiency, double or triple glazed.
Front door and it’s locks are very important. On YouTube you can see how easy it is to snap off locks and open.
Look at the windows and make sure the glass is internally secured.
My mates are opened outside by popping out the beads and the glass falls out. Nightmare.

You could go with a 3* Kitemarked Euro Cylinder for locks on front and rear doors.
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