Did any body record channel 5 kids T.V. on the 5th August? I am trying to get a copy of my daughter's card on T.V as our recording didn't work. Thanks for any help.


    Write to channel 5, they don't have to help but they are usually pretty good

    Are you talking about the Milkshake program that runs til 9am? There's a small chance we might have it if you are as my other half has been recording some of these for our kids but then spliting them up into the individual cartoons.

    I can check tonight for you if that's the case and burn it onto DVD for you if we have.

    do channel 5 have anything like BBC's iPlayer? can you watch C5 programmes again online?…ys/
    heres the page from 5 site - may be on here - happy birthday to your little one

    If you can let me know the time i will see what i can do

    holly100;2687748 the page from 5 site … the page from 5 site - may be on here - happy birthday to your little one

    Unfortunately, it also says on that link that they can't "provide copies of missed birthday announcements", "we cannot guarantee that your card will be read out" and "Please note that birthday cards may be shown on milkshake! on Five, or later in the morning on our new channel, FIVER."

    Hopefully, someone will have it for you. Will check tonight.

    We have got from 6am to 8am recorded on that day. Let me know if you still want it.
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