I have a elderly neighbour who i check on everyday, and she is having some trouble with her bed.

    She recently had a fall due to the bed moving, as it's a divan on castor wheels. She does not want to take wheels off.

    Can anyone recommend something to put under wheels to stop bed moving?

    Forgot to add. The bed is on carpet and not wooden floor!



    Can't you take the castors off?

    Wilkos do castor wheel holders, like little cups the wheels sit in.

    I know you can buy some special thingy's for this purpose and have had a look for you but can't remember their name so its difficult.

    How about using the lids off something, i.e. jam jars etc

    yes, you can get castor holders in most hardware shops, usually brown and circular. Made of plastic and are fairly cheap this shud stop the bed from moving unless its on a hardwood floor.

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone for help!

    Very much appreciated!

    Thanks again.

    I'd refit lockable castors instead (the type you see on office chairs) as the castor holders do not work that well with heavy furniture. They will crack and break under the weight.

    BTW. Make sure that there are not lockable castors on the bed already. Only two will be lockable, usually at the head of the bed.

    I work at a surgery in Devon. If we were contacted with this sort of problem we would send someone round to visit her from a rehab department. They would asses how she is and would implement putting in the necessary things in order to keep her at home (ie bathroom rails and that sort of thing). They would also give you advice on all the help free or paid that is available in your area.
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