Anyone know what the PC World 5% discount code is? I've done a searh and couldnt find it. PLEASE HELP! REP FOR YOU IF YOU AN FIND IT AND IT WORKS!!





    I lol'd irl.

    Original Poster

    Serious. PLEASE.

    might have expired but try these:

    edit --- found from another site.
    5% discount off Powerline home networking 5POWERNET
    5% discount off all wireless access routers 5WIRELESSACCESS
    5% discount off wireless network cards 5NETWORKCARDS
    5% discount off wireless solutions 5WIRELESS
    5% discount off wireless routers 5WIRELESSROUTERS
    5% discount off wireless DSL routers 5DSLROUTERS
    5% discount off laser printers 5LASERPRINTERS
    5% discount off portable photo printers 5PORTABLEPRINT
    5% discount off all in one printers 5ALLINONE
    5% discount off printers 5PRINTERS
    5% discount off network print servers 5PRINTSERVERS
    5% discount off photo printers 5PHOTOPRINTERS
    5% discount off webcams 5WEBCAMS
    5% discount off VOIP phones 5VOIP
    5% discount off scanners 5SCANNERS
    5% discount off PC speakers 5SPEAKERS
    5% discount off PC keyboards 5KEYBOARDS
    5% discount off mice and keyboard bundles 5MICEKEYBOARDS
    5% discount off PC headsets 5HEADSET
    5% discount off digital media players 5MEDIAPLAYERS
    To use these codes select home delivery then update the basket. Enter the relevant code and update the basket again.…990

    quidco 2.5%for online sales
    PC World will not be rewarding cashback for [email protected] sales.…ise
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