Just gone to charge phone and noticed that the cat has chewed the charger wire and the charger has to be held to charge
    anyone got any tips?

    thx rob



    should have left it plugged in and turned on :thumbsup:

    Buy the following

    1. Dog
    2. New charger

    electrical tape
    (Black Insulation; Low voltage, Phase A)



    Buy the following1. Dog2. New charger


    go out and buy a new charger, if ur really desperate, cellotape the charger to the phone so it charges......rofl at u making a thread bout this, isnt rocket science rob :-D


    What charger is it as i may have one?

    Our rabbit usually chews thru the cables (mainly nokia chargers- they taste nicer apparently) its buy a new charger every time really, unless you want to be bothered buying a electrical junction connector thingy and using that to rejoin the wires, but for the time and effort involved its usually easier to buy a new charger.

    Original Poster

    ordered a new charger its just that now i need to wait until about thursday prob, have tried electrical tape and that works well, thanks hope the royal mail dont take their time

    In larger Tesco and Adsa store they sell universal chargers for about £4.00 or why not get a car charger from them instead and you can charge it as you drive along.

    pr some phones charge from their computer connections via usb...
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