Found 2nd Dec 2017
Hi all,

I was parking my car in a drive way and scratched the back of the door of my car.

The paint came off.
I think its a deep scratch.

Is there a way to fixing this by myself or cheaply?

I have a vauxhall Corsa (Black)
So can see the scratch clearly.

I know its not a deal or as such but thought someone on here would be nice enough to help me please
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Just a scratch, no dent? Metallic or Matt paint? Stock paint? So many variables. A good start is to go to Halfords. They have a 'bible' in their paint section. Tells you what paint, undercoat, top coat etc you need.
go to halfords lol
search Facebook if you have it, you'll probably see several local scratch repair guys who will give you a price if you send them a photo of it
Post pictures..
No as it will look like ass and probably rust after a few years. Take the hit and get it sorted properly or have a rusty boot. If you're going to do it then atleast wash off the road salt and spray it 1st with a zinc based primer.
If you don't feel confident in doing it yourself, why not get Chips away to give you a free quote. They come to your home or sometimes set up all day/weekend in supermarketcar parks.
Pics would be a big help
Is it the door edge or actual door
Halfords do a kit that includes a waxy type crayon for filling in scratches, it works quite well but you may need to re do it from time to time. I have had minor scratches, ( from bushes and small stone chips ) on a couple of cars over the years and it has done the job.
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