Basically i orded one copy of empire total war from tesco, found it cheaper on lovefilm so bought it there and tried to cancel the one from tesco but i couldnt.

So i sold the extra copy that i would get on ebay and it sold today, but i noticed today that the game won't come for another 3 days or so. And ideally i need to post it ASAP

So can i say go to HMV tommorow when it comes out, buy a copy, post it to ebayer and then return the game to HMV when it arrives from tesco/lovefilm with the HMV reciept?

Or is that just silly lol

btw sorry if i have posted this in the wrong bit!


Yeah then find out hmv wont take it back because its in a different wrapper,So then sell that on Ebay lol

lol, that is the most confusing and involved way of simply buying something i have ever heard

P.S. Just contact your buyer and let them know you'll be posting the game in three days time and you will contact them next to let them know it's posted.

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dont all wrappers look the same i.e. clear and wrappy !

mmm yeh could do that but i have already told em i will recieve the game tommorow, bonus is they live in Belgium so i could blame the airplane

would the reciept thing actually work or are they tied to the exact game ?

lol, you need a shovel to dig yourself any deeper? Just tell the truth, much simpler!

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if the receipt thing worked that would be quite simple too!
i didnt realise it would take 3-5 days from tesco/lovefilm, i thought because i was pre-ordering it would be quicker, im guessing they are coming from jersey.

i wouldnt have thought the buyer would mind waiting a couple more days.. i wouldnt say anything just post it when you get it ! i dont know many that actually check the date when its been sent on the package, i know i dont lol

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yeh im guessing he wouldnt mind cos if he did, he wouldnt have bought it from the UK in the first place
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