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Posted 20th Mar
I have just sold my house to a cash buyer and my new house which the offer has been approved for is a no onwards vendor chain which in a ideal world perfect minus all this.

I presume this would be complete in 4-6 weeks in a ideal world any one experiencing situation or shall I brace till July august time to complete ?

Cheers Ryan
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Only a fool would pay full price atm sorry.
If it's a hot UK deal, why not.
Complete asap
Just remember to communicate with your buyer to agree a suitable timeline that suits you both so it goes smoothly!

i was in same situation and been in new house 2 weeks now.Best of luck and hope it goes well for you!
Thanks mark cheers pal
4 - 6 weeks is very optimistic. Is your buyer really a cash buyer - hopefully the estate agents have checked and they have informed their solicitors etc where the funds have come from?
FYI we had cash buyer and moved into new build - took 3 weeks (Scotland) so is possible but was a hectic 3 weeks!
It depends a lot on how dosey the conveyancing solicitors are, we completed on a house purchase on the 19th December and agreed to buy the house mid September and we were cash buyers the house we bought was also vacant (previous owner gone into care home so house had to be sold) our conveyancer was continually chasing the sellers solicitor for answers to enquiries.
I'm sure solicitors take on too much work and need pushing with emails/phone calls regularly to get things moving.
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