Found 4th May 2009
Just been to tesco, and bought a pair of trousers, when weve got home ive realised they have left the security tag on!!! Neither of us drive and its a pain to get to on the bus!
Can i rip it off without damaging the trousers?
Its one of them magentic pin ones i think, not a colour leek one.
And no the alarms didnt even sound!

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I bought some clothes from Next once,and 1 of the garments,the security tag got left on.I called up and they said bring it back with receipt and we remove it for you,I also asked for train fare as it would been about £6 to go over and I wouldn't be back over again for a while.They paid my fare.
No alarms sounded,think they faulty sometimes.
Walked out of Mothercare no alarms once when bought curtains and they had tag in them still.

You will probably end up ripping the trousers. Can't you wait until next time you go?

I wouldn' try . My friend got home with a security tag on a dress and she phoned the shop and they sent someone out to remove it Can't remember which supermarket it was though


annoying isnt it. I went to meadowhall sale's shopping on 27th of jan and got left a nice ink tag on my cord trousers. Had to take them back to Lincoln the next day and not try and look guilty...which of course makes you more guilty even though I had the receipt!

use a saw

give them a ring to let them know :they will tell you the best way

heavy duty wire cutters?

Oh I hate this. Woolies used to do it to me all the time... if it's not the ink one you could try but if you end up tearing the fabric you'll be so angry... prolly best to keep the receipt and take them back when you go next week x x


Sqeeze the little blue plastic triangle cap off with plyers or something. Its made of soft plastic so will come of if you squeeze it and pull it hard enough while jiggling it about. That will just leave u with the metal pin which will b slightly bigger where the blue pastic cap was. That can be cut with a good pair of scissors or pliers and ur trousers can slide off the pin.

wah la!

you will need a powerful magnet to remove it i am afraid, othewise you will end up ripping the trousers.


Got a jacket from tkmaxx pair of pliers and the job was a gooden
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