Can anyone help me? I am being bombarded with spam internet pages from something called 'Favorit' evry time I am online. I think this thing may have been downloaded by my husband for some reason without realising it.

    I have tried going into 'add/remove programs' in my control panel but for some reason, it will not let me simply uninstall it.

    Has anyone had this problem and managed to get rid of this menace???


    Try using system restore to change the settings to an earlier point in time


    Where is this in internet explorer or via email?

    Try removing Messenger Skinner in your programs if it's there but as mrs patch said, system restore would be better

    I absolutely hated Messenger - I get rid of it whenever I get a new machine

    You Have To Stop The Program First By Finding It In Task Manager (alt Ctrl Del) Find Its Process Stop It Then Delete It From Control Panel Add Remove Programs

    hope hubby aint been on any naughty naughty sites !:)

    Mr Weasle;5304661

    hope hubby aint been on any naughty naughty sites !:)

    oh dont lol

    Hon you can pick this stuff up from anywhere, run your anti virals xx
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