Help - 5.1 HDMI DVD Cinema Surround connecting to PS3!

    Hi All

    Situation -

    5.1 HDMI Upscaling DVD player with no optical output needs to be connecting to the PS3.

    As the PS3 has no other connections, will it work if I bought an optical to 3.5 converter, and connected the 5.1 to the PS3 via a 3.5mm cable? The 5.1 unit has an MP3 port, which is 3.5.

    I'm assuming you won't get high def audio, but would you still get normal 5.1 / DTS?

    Will this work? Anybody do this?



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    After some googling I may need a electronic converter or something? Anyone advise?


    I have a phillips 5.1 hdmi upscaler DVD and a PS3. The dvd players connected to the tv via scart, and the PS3 via HDMI. When I want surround sound, I put the DVD player in TV mode and voila!

    Not HD sound but it's still pretty loud/cool.

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    I have a panasonic one, connected to TV via HDMI, and I'm sure the PS3 sound only comes from the TV? Any suggestions?

    What do you mean when you put the DVD player in TV mode?


    I'm not sure how your Panasonic dvd player works but on my remote i have a few buttons at the top something like;


    I seem to remember that Panasonic dvd remotes normally have 3 buttons. DVD, FM and EXT IN

    Try connecting your dvd with a scart as well as the HDMI, or if you don't have a scart socket at the back of the DV, use audio cable DVD to TV (red and white cable to same)

    If you have anything like the above on your remote try AUX or TV or EXT IN until you hear sound? I don't see why the HDMI wouldn't work the same way as the scart on my setup?

    Hope it helps?

    BUT WHY?, What are you trying to achieve here?

    I have Panasonic 5.1 and 42" connected by hdmi.
    Connect PS3 HDMI into TV then the other cables red and white audio into the dvd player.
    Use viera Link on tv remote and should work with AUX on dvd.

    Also it took me ages to get sound as you need to change your ps3 settings from HDMI sound to audio input connector/scart etc in sound settings

    Hope this helps
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