Found 3rd Dec 2009
Hi guys im just wondering how much 60gb Ps3's go for im thinking of selling mine to get a slim. Its fully working had no problems in mint condition. with two controllers and comes with 7 games : Socom confrontation , Little big planet ,unreal tournament 3,COd4, Euro uefa08, ridge racer 7 and tomb raider underworld. Also how do i take my saves off my ps3, can i copy them to a SD card?

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With them games it could go for upto £250

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thats a good price, i could get a slim for that ive got uncharted 2 and resistance 2 but i want to keep them. would it be best to sell it on here or on ebay>?

hmv are selling 60gb for £219 so not sure if £250 is to much,:thinking:


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