I am looking for a star wars duel lightsaber retail at 29.99. i cant find them anywhere or on any web site can some1 help please.


    have you tried toys r us??

    I saw both red and blue ones in Macro yesterday, if you have a store near you.
    Think they were £25 or £22 plus vat.

    arcangel111;7110925;jsessionid=U5guBPcfXtwGLjQpfiw4eA**.fts016:-7?browseToken=%2Fb%2F5177%2Fo%2F3&prdToken=/p/prod463866-sku809703low stock selling fast @ £36

    You can use the £30 off first order code on this.
    They are part of the littlewoods group etc.

    Have you looked at forbidden planet? x

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    i tried choice but no stock. tried toys r us but no stock. thanks

    Choice have stock in now? you could try littlewoods or woolworths also.

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    choice stays in stock but when i go to checkout it says no stock. littlewoods says no stock 2. thanks

    Is it like the one Darth Maul has? the dual ended red one? If yes, then the only place i could find one for my 5 year old was from, had to buy from america as the uk ones we found were not the same length on each side. Hope that helps a little.
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