Sorry for being stupid, but can someone tell me what is BNIB??? Thanks


    Brand new in box

    Brand New In Box

    Edit: too late as usual!

    BNIB = Brand New In Box

    EDIT - Why is it the women always come first???

    [COLOR="Red"]I don't know if anyone has said it yet but it means 'Brand New In Box'.


    BTW you don't need to rep me, I already have enough.[/COLOR]

    Original Poster

    thanks a lot guy

    by now its bust

    BNWT - Brand new with tag

    BNWOT - Brand new without tag

    BNIP - Brand new in packet


    I'm not going to post a condescending LMGTFY link but seriously it would have been quicker to google it then post a question here!
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