Found 24th Nov 2006

I bought pro evo 5 for the pc (cheap due to pro evo 6) and occasionally i can get it working on my laptop yet other times it displays the message

"Unable to authenticate disc within time limit"
the disc is original and not scratched or damaged in anyway

so...if anyone can help me in anyway it would be much appreciated , thanks a lot :thumbsup:
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Does it work in a normal Pc or is it just a laptop you have?

Have you checked the minimum requirements required by the game and compared it to your laptop?

The thing is i did get it working a couple of times but its vewry temprimental, yet it did work on my pc, and yes my laptop is up to spec

Thanks a lot btw
Seems like it's a known problem James.



A fix that has apparently worked is: -

Solution for Plextor PX-712A (V1.05) that worked for me:

1. Download and install PlexTools Professional V.2.18 from here: ]http//ww…asp

2. Put HL2-DVDROM in burner.

3. Drive Settings > DVD Read Speed Setting > 3-8 X CAV

At least this worked for Half Life 2 and the "Unable to authenticate original disc in time limit"-problem.

If PlexTools does not support your DVD-drive, use Nero DriveSpeed (]http//ww…tml) to reduce your 'DVD Read Speed'. (Nero burning software includes Nero DriveSpeed). This trick also worked for me - HL2 starts every time!

Good luck!
Thanks a lot greg, i tried all this, but unfortunately it didnt work for me

But thanx a lot for all your help you 2
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