Ok my car wont start due to the freeeezing weather, tried to jump it, but the battery is dead.

    I called RAC to see what they could do, and because i don't have home start, they can't do anything, but if i roll the car down the hill 400 yards then they will come out, how pathetic is that?

    My quuestion - How far is 400 yards, is it rollable?! I'm terrible with distances. Any help would be appreciated


    400 Yards = 365 metres = 0.365km = about a quarter of a mile.

    That's unbelieveable.

    It's rollable though!

    You never know - rolling the car down the hill may charge the battery enough to start the car!!!


    Hu?? Why not just push start if you've got a hill (whoops i've bumped an old thread) put into second gear and have ignition on, foot down on clutch when got enough speed release clutch pedal. Just reading this as my '96 Golf has broken down for the first time in 5yrs of ownership, well at least I think it's the battery. £57 from Halfords but seen the advice to get one from the breakers.
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