ive been nominated to plan the works xmas party this year, around 30 lads/blokes and a handful of us sit down do or anything formal.......any ideas?


    I would love to do the medieval banquet at tower dungeons! if you go on Groupon and see if they got any offers, recently been down to 19pound per person, thats wine or beer all night and I think 3-4 courses. Costumes available too.
    But if the offer isnt on now it will be, always see it. good luck! can I come? LOL!

    if you invite me, happy to help

    Get looking at places as soon as possible especially if you've got a specific date in mind. We organised ours recently and a lot of places are booked up already!

    Picnic on the London Eye

    greyhound racing ?

    cheap and cheerful
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    If you have a snowdome type place near you this is good, choose activity then get food and dj etc…ts/
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