not getting a picture on bbc hd(drangons den) got sound but no picture just blue screen


    loose scart lead or some other lead ?

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    other channels work ok c4hd ect just bbchd

    ah there endith my technical help !

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    just wondering if anyone else is not getting it

    Freeview or Freesat \ Sky?

    Sky? Bad weather out?

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    unpluged scart leed,didn't work. unpluged and reconnected hdmi leed,didn't work. Any help?

    Sounds like a Sky prob, poss caused by the weather. Can't you (sorry, couldn't you) watch it on SD ?

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    getting c4hd but nothing else what is going on?????????????/

    Its the weather!!!!

    whenever we have bad weather our sky tv stops working....

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    it is still not working today don't get itv hd or bbc hd but get c4 hd
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