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I have a Dell Xps M1530 Laptop had it since mid 2009,

However it has had two perious repairs which where carried out within the warranty.

The laptop has now got the re-occuring faults, I've spoken to Dell and they have given me two options.

1st Option is to repair the faults under warrenty OR

2nd Option Pay and Extra £400 and upgrade to a New model Laptop

Advice needed

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I am presuming this same fault keeps re-occuring, which if it is, is surely a design fault? Have you checked on forums etc to see if anyone else has had the same issues?

The Dell Forums are quite good, it might be worth posting on there. I have an XPS M1330 that has still got a warranty and if it was me and it sounds like a design fault I would keep complaining, XPS's aren't cheap and neither are the extended warranties.

Repair under warranty surely as it doesn't cost you anything or am I missing something?

Was it supposed to be repair outside of the warranty?
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Repair under warranty and try and get conformation that if the same fault happens again they will continue to repair it free/compensated, or persuade them to offer the upgrade for less due to the design fault ect.

I've got an M1530, its a piece of ****, it's falling apart


I've got an M1530, its a piece of ****, it's falling apart

weird, i love mine, good bit of kit, whats "falling apart" ?


how can we advise with zero details of new laptop (might be a £250 one new for all we know)

As csiman says you need to let people know what laptop you are being offered for £400+ your faulty laptop.


What is

perious ?
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