Has anyone used the Easycap to record the gaming? Is it worth it if I were to pay a fiver for it?

    Also how easy is the set-up?



    dont do it, i have had one for cctv and the drivers are a nightmare, its really hard to get the usb stick to be recognised on any comp that isnt a bare bones xp machine

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    I have a barebones xp machine

    fine on anything above 3Ghz and a gig of ram, tried it on less and it was useless

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    How do I find out what gig my computer is and ghz.


    How do I find out what gig my computer is and ghz.

    or windows key plus pause break key.

    or go to, system information under accesories then system tools, my wee 1.2Ghz dual core would struggle from the sounds of it
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