Found 2nd Mar 2011
Has anybody out there got any good remedies for a tickly cough??? my ribs are now hurting where i'm coughing so much! i've tried all the usual cough mixtures but nothing seems to be helping?

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i had it last week and lasted a few days. Have a dollop of honey regularly.
I found out that if i keep on eating, it would go away...
...Now if i can get out of this chair to change the channel....

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LOL!! I will try anything though.

have you warm milk mixed with turmeric? it doesn't taste that great but works for me

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Whats turmeric???


Whats turmeric???

yellow indian spice powder

Mr Weasle

oO anything? hows about something long and thick that should do the trick


try warm honey and lemon a cup of luke warm water works a treat for me.
the only other thing i found that helped when i was ill last was sucking on boiled sweets, not cough drops just normal hard boiled sweets you get in the supermarkets

chocolate is supposed to be good for coughs
it's actually medically proven believe it or not
get better soon!

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Thankyou everybody!

orange juice with filtered water. the filtered water takes the edge off the chlorine in the water there fore easier on the throat.

cough mixtures can actually make coughs last longer as they supress the cough. You want something that soothes your throat ie cough sweets or honey and lemon. You cough for a reason you should encorage the cough not supress it. A way to help is to do steam inhalation.

Try gargling with disprin a couple of times and then drink the rest, I bet it will be gone soon after...

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