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    Hi all,

    Seeing if anyone can help. I have been asked by a friend who works for a charity if I would look up something for her.

    The charity would like to set up a texting system for all their volunteers, very much like how schools now contact parents via subscription websites parentmail and groupcall. The problem is cost! I have looked into it and its all too confusing. Would it be cheaper just to get a mobile contract that only allows texting? or if they went down the subscription route what is the cheapest one?

    Hope that makes sense.

    Thank you so much


    Depends how many texts you want to send. On a PAYG like family mobile texts cost 4p each, they have a web interface so you don't have to use the pone to text but it still cost 4p each.

    Probably cheapest monthly sim is £10, so for that on family mobile you could send send 250 texts. Giff gaff will give you unlimited texts for a rolling £10 per month.

    So if you send less than 250 monthly and or do not want to commit to a regular payment then family mobile. If you send more than 250 then giff gaff.

    I think o2 do unlimited text for £7.50 a month as an alternative.


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