help a mum out with a stupid football ticket question

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Found 20th Nov 2016
OK, well my eldest son is a Newcastle fan, I figure I should take him to see his first game, I've found out they are playing Cardiff in April which is local to me.

Do I buy tickets from Cardiff or Newcastle or.......?

Can't see them on sale anywhere yet so I'm guessing this happens nearer the time?

I'm sure this is something everyone is meant to know, but I don't know where to start. Lol
In my defence, I do know the offside rule and can even get the little men on fifa to run the right way most of the time


If you want to be in the Newcastle fans you will need to buy from Newcastle website, however, I imagine demand will be high as they are currently riding high and have good support. You could buy from Cardiff but be prepared to keep a low profile amongst the Cardiff supporters!

And yes, they will be on sale nearer the time!

You buy them from Newcastle. they will not be on sale until about 6 weeks before the game. They sell away tickets to season ticket holders who have attended a certain number of away game first say 6 . Then to people who have attended 4 then 2 etc. then eventually it will be on general sale if there are any left

Hope this helps

Great present. Everything has been answered, but just wanted to add looks like 3 weeks before the game online for general sales…ale

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Thank you all!! I did think it may be hard to get a ticket but worth a try.
Hoping to get a Newcastle one but if all else fails I will go for a Cardiff side and bring some duct tape to stop his cheers of need be haha
Thanks again all
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If you need any advice feel free to inbox me! I'm a Newcastle United Season Ticket Holder so could offer some help if you get stuck

In my defence, I do know the offside rule - not even the so called experts agree

May struggle to get tickets in Newcastle end for Cardiff game unless you know someone who can get you a ticket, no doubt Newcastle will sell their allocation pretty quick at Cardiff.
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