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    I bought a 360 off eBay and am aranging courier myself so need the rough weight and dimensions but when i asked the guy he said that the weight and box is standard xbox 360 box size and weight (the weight will be the 360 and power supply) so wondered if someone can give me rough info, I will then add a bit on to be on the safe side but hoped someone could give me rough dimensions and weight?



    Product Dimensions: 38.1 x 38.1 x 14 cm ; 7 Kg

    taken from amazon:thumbsup:

    This will be the boxed weight and the box dimensions of both the console and the power supply

    "the weight will be the 360 and power supply"
    The power supply unit is the same weight as a small elephant!

    Weight: 3492g

    H T H


    may i ask who your arranging courier with?

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    Thanks for the help and i am booking it with Parcel2Go thought i would try them out,

    I think the weight (in the box with all the bits) is about 7.5kg.....

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    I put 9kg to be on the safe side and i dont think they can moan about it being too light :thumbsup:
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