HELP Abusive language, but no mods about

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Found 30th Jan 2008
can anyone help? a user by the name of "muttya" seems to be posting very rude posts in nearly every post in the for sales/trades but there are no mods about even tho ive reports them.

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it has been reported:thumbsup:

Looks like he is now banned

Muttya? isn't that that bird who used to be in the Sugababes?

He was "deal-it", the member who scammed a few people. He has a few user names on here so just be extra careful with any deals you make.

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the moron was making rude posts everywhere

Craig david;1522588

the moron was making rude posts everywhere

reported this one after I was sure you didnt know him due to this thread :…526

Isn't it mattya not muttya... bet the ex sugababe isn't happy that her name is being dragged through the dirt. lol :P
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