HELP!!!!! Academic writing????????

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Found 13th Nov 2010
Hope this is in the right section.
My partner is at Uni as Mature student. Some of his comments say his writing style is not academic enough.
Does anyone know what academic writing is?
What is the easiest way to write academically or is there any magic program that automatically changes an essay into academic style??

Please can anybody help????!!!!!!

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You snooze you lose!

There isn't a magic translator as far as I know and academic writing is a skill that your partner must progress in if his essays and exams are to gain high grades.

linky - this seems quite helpful.

Just to give an inadequate example, due to, for instance, lack of coherent structure and poor use of abbreviations, this is what I wrote in an, almost, academic writing style
short cut to a reply

An idiomatic response without clarity and lacking references, would be something along the lines of 'They are useless and peeps who voted them in need their heads testing - losers!!'

I'm not trying to blow my own trumpet here and the reply, I have directed you to, would need a lot of careful revision and greater detail if it were to be 'up to scratch' but I hope it shows you the general idea.
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I can sympathise OP, I got an assignment back the other day (Open University) and the only criticism I had was that I apparently jabbered on too much when I should have kept it relatively brief. Apparently, even things like this are a part of academic writing.

I do need to contest that though, as at least a couple of questions said I wouldn't lose marks for writing more or less than the suggested amounts.
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Original Poster

Whoa we are all funny today!!! Yes it is very obvious what it means if you know or if you havent been out of education for 20yrs.
Anyway thanks to the replies that have tried to help me understand what they are looking for in the essays!

Critical analysis and synthesis are two main components of writing academically. Google the terms and you should be able to find lots of info. Academic writing develops over time, and there is no magic quick fix, however by understanding these key principles, your partner should be able to focus more on these areas and gain extra marks. Hope this helps, good luck! x

If he is at Uni, there will be learning support available. Need to seek them out and make use of them. They were invaluable for my son who came out of Uni with a First class degree. But in his first year, his writng style was appalling.

Probalby each Uni has a different name for support depts but well worth the time and effort seeking them out. They have loads of tips / links that really does make essays less stressful. I did my degree a few years before as a mature student and I also found their help invaluable
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