help activating iphone 3gs without the original sim?

    I bought stupidly this iphone off ebay and it was bnib and the guy got it on contract. I cannot activate it since I dont have the contract sim it came with what can i do? Its still in warranty but in store they said they cant do anything shoudl i send it off? Or buy one of those activation cards on ebay? or any way to do it via my computer?


    I got an activation sim card from eBay for my old 3Gs worked perfectly

    You are sure it's not just blacklisted ??

    you dont need the contract SIM, if it's on O2 any O2 SIM will do even PAYG

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    so i can walk in and ask for a sim and itll work?
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    sorry to bump this but ill go into town now if itll work?

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    If it was on O2 and it needs an O2 sim to active, then yes. Any O2 sim 'should' work. Don't know if the sim would need to have credit on it though if it were a payg ?
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