HELP! Advice for a friend looking for job

    I am devastated for her obviously but she is about to leave a job that she's put her heart into and been an absolute star as she made the company grow double, but been sidelined. She found out recently her salary was 3/4 of what her male colleagues were getting and they didn't even perform last year's targets but she has superceeded expectations. So she went to see the top management at HQ but they have no idea what is happening at that branch; they did not take her seriously so she's decided to take the plunge and leave. She is in the creative industry (not web designer), has a good track record, loyal and has several credentials. Just daunting to start looking for a job again I guess.

    I am out of touch with where to look so I wonder if any of you had experience with online or agency applications. No idea if agencies are a good idea, I hear they earn 50% commission ... or should she try online applications. Not being funny but she doesn't plan to send her CV everywhere just more targeted application and not looking for a fresh start in another industry.

    Anything you have good advice for, would be very useful. Thanks in advance.


    it's blatant sexism if she's being paid less. employment tribunal ?


    it's blatant sexism if she's being paid less. employment tribunal ?

    yeah, I agree with that.

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    We talked about it (friends and all) and we thought it was such a shame but for her to go through all that would sap all her energy, and she's not prepared to do all that for the sake of being PC ... rent, bills etc they dont wait for courts. So she thought instead of being resentful for doing a job she loves and clearly enjoys, she'd rather leave the situation and look for a better place. She's bound to do well wherever she goes, she turned another project on her own time (youth website) into what it wasn't and generated all this traffic 8-fold even though she didnt do it for money. Such a shame that gentle people like her wouldn't necessarily fight for herself, but would be the first to challenge injustice for disadvantaged kids etc ...

    good case for constructive dismissal - re equal opportunites - if she can prove she did same job as men but getting less - she has a very good chance -

    [url][/url] and even if you type her job title in to google t'internet will do the work
    C.V so important so read up on how to write a cracking C.V try…htm

    Tell her dont forget to smile and good luck

    If she was such an asset to the previous company and she really made their turnover double she should have no problem finding a job, even in the current climate imo. Question is , if she was what she would appear to be, then how could any business afford to let her go?

    I'm with holly100 here. We've just had a case of wage discrimination here in hull with the council. They tried to settle out of court but the lawyers took it all the way and won quite substantial awards.

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    the manager at their branch is on long term leave, so the guys who were there earlier have sorta taken over and she was the latest to join a year+ now. they send her to do all kinds of silly red herring jobs but despite all that, she's managed to get a strong client list. this company has not been doing well, but because of her super efforts they still managed the big turnover ... then the figures didnt quite work out and she finally realised why their profits actually was not a lot --> biz expenses by the boys on entertainment, boys night out etc which is exclusive because of the places they go to - that's why the HQ not interested even though she had done so much. she was advised to stick with it or just leave – it's quite unfair and unfortunate situation but we think there must be somewhere better. thanks for your comments, will be seeing her on monday for lunch so hopefully she's not too upset.

    Good luck with finding another job, i know what it's like but i would fight it....
    Dose sap your energy but it is worth it in the end, you can't let people walk over you other wise they win and it sounds like you have a good case....

    She should work 3/4 as hard as the men. It's sad, good luck to her.

    How about she talks to her client list and sets up on her own?

    How about Citizens Advice? Free legal advice. Afterall you can't rule out all avenues. Good Luck tho!

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    How about she talks to her client list and sets up on her own?

    she seems to think it is inethical but i wasn't sure ...

    I wouldn't worry about the agency fees as it's not your friend that pays them, it's the company and it doesn't come off her wage or anything like it. I think it's well worth signing up for a few that are more specialist in your friend's are that way they are going and doing the job hunting and presenting them to her. As they only get paid if they find your friend a job she wants to go for it's very much in their best interests to find good positions for your friend otherwise they don't earn a penny.


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    thanks for all your comments and helpful advice. very useful esp the agency bit and links.

    Ethical??? in a parallel universe where there are some ethics !!

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    haha chesso, good point.
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