Help! Advice needed

    I stupidly signed up for a free trail for a teeth whitening product without reading the terms and conditions. Really dumb..i know.

    Anyway they want to charge my credit card again for $80 or so after the free trail. I contacted their live support to cancel alomst immediately...which they did.
    However, they say they cant stop the shipment or following payment as my details have been sent to the shipping dept.

    They gave me a number to call but its not opened yet.

    Im very worried about them taking more money from my card so i was wondering if i reported my card lost can they still take this payment?

    Id really appreciate some advice here.

    Cant believe how stupid i was.



    Have you tried phoning your CC company and asking them for advice?

    +1 call the CC comp xx

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    Yes, she said its a continous payment thing and she cant guarantee they wont charge me again.
    Just wondering if anyones had any experience of something like this?

    Im going to try the number of the shipping place again in a couple of hours but im really worried that they'll charge me anyway.

    The credit card company are correct, they cant stop the comapny taking money. If you are worried then contact the credit card company and ask them to change your card for a different one (new account number etc) that way when they try to take any money it will be declined as the old account is closed

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    Thanks...ill try that

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    Just called them and they've cancelled my card and said they'd block anymore payments from that card.
    They're going to send me out a new card.
    I hope thats the end of it.

    call your credit card company and tell them that you have lost your card.will cancel card right away and send you a replacement.

    Is this the same deal that is on this site? I saw it earlier
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