Help!! Advice needed.. Home Cinema System / Surround System for HD TV, PS3 etc...

    Hi All,

    I am looking to get surround sound for my 40" Sony Bravia LCD TV i also have an upscaling DVD player and a PS3 which i use for gaming and Blu Ray.... Not sure what to buy or what system?!

    I have read about AV recievers but don't really understand.... are they worth getting?

    I would prefer to get black sony equipment so it matches however if there are better deals as long as colour matches i would consider it. Also how do wireless speakers work? I presume they each have their own power cable but just connect to system remotley?! (I'm not very technical as you can tell!)

    I would like to spend as little as possibe but general/ max limit would really be around £350?

    THANK YOU!!!!!!


    Join AV Forums and have a good read/ buy an edition of Wht Hi-fi and they have a full history of reviews. I'd stay away from wireless speakers. You can pick up some older model Onkyo receivers for excellent prices these days and you can pick up Tannoy/ Jamo surround packages for decent prices too. For £350 for both you are fairly limited but you will be able to get a decent package together.

    I have my eye on this one.
    Waiting to get a cheaper deal on it though.…98b

    There is a Sony Cinema system (without the DVD player) that would fit the bill - I have the previous model to the one out currently but the new one has an extra HMDI input and a better colour management system apparently...... mine is perfect anyway so could recommend based on that - Look for the HTSS1300 system. Basically you can plug in all your equipment (PS3/DVD player/Sky Box etc) and it will centrally manage the sound and pictures - Multiple inputs/outputs so you should have lots of Flexibility - You can get versions with Tall Speakers or short ones.

    Here is a link to it on Play at £269 (not looked elsewhere so you may want to shop about) - You could get 5% off this + Quidco if you use the voucher listed on here
    ]Look Here

    Edit : Forgot to say as you have various other Sony Products the remotes may well work across multiple devices - Look up the details on the sony web site (They have the manuals for you to download so you can read up on it all before you buy)

    Original Poster

    Wow thanks everyone some really good ideas there!

    "I'd stay away from wireless speakers"

    How come? just wondering pros and cons?!


    Wow thanks everyone some really good ideas there! "I'd stay away from … Wow thanks everyone some really good ideas there! "I'd stay away from wireless speakers"How come? just wondering pros and cons?!

    Quality of the sound produced, no comparison between the two and no matter how expensive your av receiver the speakers would render it largely useless. If you're going to get a decent av receiver you also need to get decent speakers and they'll compliment each other.

    Wireless may look neater (unless you can run the wires under carpets, behind walls etc) but they'll ultimately disappoint. At worst get some decent speaker cable and run the wires along the top of the skirting. I have laminate flooring & have had to run 1 wire along the top of the skirting and up a wall (could have cut in & filled in) & you don't notice unless you're looking for it.
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