HELP! Advice needed on Sennheiser HD202 Headphones.

    Hi Guys,

    I'm wanting to buy the Sennheiser HD202 but don't know whether this will fit my ipod touch or whether an adaptor is also needed?

    Is that what the "adaptor 3.5/6.3mm (¼) stereo jack plug" is for?

    Any info much appreciated and rep given.

    Thnks, Lolly.


    should fit the touch but the plastic bit may be bulky (2-3 times longer) where it plugs in, ipod ones are usually smaller so fit in nicer
    the 6.3mm is just a fatter plug which some stuff uses dont worry about it.

    as its a big set of headphones i assume you aren't going to be moving about so any pointy bits from where it plugs in wouldn't matter

    as above 3.5mm is normal size but ipods are slimmer
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