Help advice needed. Shall i cancel my 3 contract or wait for my upgrade.

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Found 27th Dec 2009
I need some advice, i am due an upgrade in February from 3 but am looking at cancelling my contract and getting a new phone now - is it worth waiting for Februrary for my upgrade, not sure what kind of upgrade 3 will give me, I currently spend £15 a month.


If your only paying £15 id say all your likely to get is a new phone, and probably not a top one, so you might be worth looking at quidco and new customer offers as your likely to get a better deal even buying another 3 phone than you would buy upgrading. Of course if you do that you would lose the number unless your new phone was on a different network

Tips on upgrades from 3.

First rule. NEVER do the upgrade online. Always call customer services. Tell them that you are wanting to cancel your contract and that you are looking at other network tariffs.

Be persistent because they will be as well....and ask for any phone you want, memory card, bluetooth headset and more minutes, texts and internet.

I was paying £10 a month for anytime 500. When I told them I wanted to cancel and that I was looking at other options, they offered me a brand new C903 for free, a free SE bluetooth headset, free internet add-on and still kept my anytime 500 all for £10 a month!


I was with three for 5 years. I found that as soon as the network became congested my phone wouldnt work because Orange customers get preference.

Changing to 02 was the best thing I ever did!
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