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    Please i need some advice, i need a hdmi cable to connect my blu ray player to my 1080p tv,some people say u need to spend a small fortune others not,any 1 got a clue and if so which 1 to buy


    mine cost me £6 from tesco

    works a treat on the PS3 -

    if you can get it - recommend gold / gold plated - does give you a better quality pic…spx

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    any will do , don't get one from comet or somewhere like that

    Any cheap one will do. There WONT be a difference in the picture quality.

    like i said - you dont really need to spend loads on them - thay all do the same thing !!!

    I bought 2 for about 6 quid from Aldi, work perfectly well.

    Apparantly tescos are selling one now down to 77p

    Hi, according to the Gadget show, it doesnt matter what you pay, they are all the same!

    Personally though if you are going for a long one (over 10 metres), I would pay a little more than the 2 or 3 quid ones, simply to get good screening have good quality ones for not much also.

    hdmi is a digital connection, and inherently is a lot less affected by any interference. A cheap cable will do the same as an expensive one, simply because being digital its designed to not be affected. Picture quality will be the same whatever hdmi you use! Dont go to the sony centre and get roped into paying £40 for one!
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