Help advice on startup please

    Hi this is my startup, anyone who knows what there talking about no if there are any issues here as my laptop is very slow. Thanks repm left for help


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    Most of them you dont need at start up.

    If it's generally running slow, run a virus scan and spyware scan, if it's just slow to start but then runs fine, just clear out the junk you have starting at system boot.

    What are you doing which is slow ?

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    What are you doing which is slow ?

    When I turn it on it is about 10 mins at least before I can use it, then it is really slow, just got ccleaner and used that , now I want to clear startup but not sure what I can take off it. Have taken the Nokia one off but thats all.

    if you go to msconfig and then click the startup tab you can untick....

    erm... can you paste a screen print of it actually? might be easier to see whats booting up, not familiar with cc cleaner so not sure if it's showing everything.

    in vista, search for 'msconfig', then go to startup. Untick everything apart from the antivirus (it will give a description of what everything starting is, so everything you dont want starting/dont recognise, untick it, but dont untick anything necessarily for the OS (i dont think there is anything on here though))

    Don't mess with anything. Just download Startup Delayer and try switching off the programs it suggests. I use it and it is free.…lay

    like everyone says use MSCONFIG and select the StartUp tab..deselect any unnecessary programs that might be running at startup. Usually all you need is your Anti Virus and maybe Windows defender...

    Next, do a Disk Defragmenter (can be found by searching DEFRAG) This will rearranged the data on your hard drive so that it can be located easier thus speeding up data transfer.

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    Thanks everyone will give it a try,
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