Help! Advice please! :-)

    Hi all
    I'm just after a little consumer advice and hoped you guys could help.
    On Thursday I purchased an Oven & Hob package from a company near me. It cost £229 for the package. I am due to pick this up on Tuesday but have since been informed by friends of ours that they are having a new kitchen installed and the oven/hob that they recently installed is going spare.... a possible saving of £229 for me!! :-)
    Today I callled the company I purchased the item from and they said they are not sure if they will refund and I would have to speak to the manager tomorrow and that she may only give me a credit note. I will of course call tomorrow but I thought I had a 7 day cooling off period for any purchase? Seems a bit weird especially as I haven't even collected it!

    Any advice on where I stand with this is much appreciated...



    Sounds like scare tactics to me I reckon they'll just refund it withlittle fuss, just hoping making you come to see a manager and risk a credit note will make you take it.
    As far as I know "7 day cooling off period" is 10 when you buy something online or over the phone, not in store, but I'm not certain.

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    Thanks vinnyabdn, I did mention the cooling off period to the shop assistant and she said "you'll have to speak to the manager, I'm only a shop assistant and don't understand any of that"
    I don't think there will be a problem. We ordered the oven and hob and a cooker hood and we are still in need of the cooker hood so wont be cancellling that.
    Just want to be prepared with what to say if they only offer me a credit note or try to be a little funny.
    Any more advice out there too would be superb!
    thanks again

    If you order something via phone / internet, you have 7 days cooling off as mentioned as long as you do not ask for any modifications - ie it has to be a stock item that you can purchase off the shelf as it were.

    Hope that makes sense,

    Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

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    Thanks Diodorus-siculus
    I actually went to the shop to order the item. It was in stock but they had just taken a large delivery so asked if I minded waiting until tuesday for it - they would have moved everything to get it me there and then if I wanted them to. It's a standard baumatic oven & hob package so no modifications and they had quite a few in stock.. So, am I still covered by the 7 days cooling off period if I ordered in store?

    If it is a stock item that they usually carry, and it has not been delivered then you are 100% entitled to a refund. They are talking rubbish and are simply trying to stop you from getting a refund.

    If you paid by credit card, tell the shop that if they dont refund it for you, that you will call your card company and start a chargeback.


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    Simon_G, you've put my mind at rest mate. I did indeed pay via credit card - what's this chargeback you mention?

    Basically, by using your credit card you are given an extra level of protection from the credit card issuer. If they refuse to refund the money, talk to your credit card provider (use the number on the back of the card) and explain the situation to the person in the phone. If you have a legitimate reason for wanting your money back (which you have) the credit card company will get the refund for you, and being a credit card company they always get their money, which means so will you.

    Go into the shop tomorrow, tell them that you have decided against the item (for whatever reason - it makes no difference) and that you would like a refund. If they still refuse, simply tell them that if they will not give you our money back, then you will claim it back from your credit card instead, then calmly walk out the shop. Before you get to the door, they will be calling you back to refund the money.

    Let us know how it goes.

    where did u get this hob oven for £229 ive been hunting everywhere for one and cant find any under £300 where r u located i could purchase off you lol

    You are not entitled to a refund. You essentially own those goods now. Any CC chargeback would be fraudulent.

    That said, any decent company would offer a refund if you have not even taken possession of the goods.

    actually you are not entitled legally to a refund if you change your mind and have bought in person,although any decent shop does
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