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Posted 16th Mar 2009
Sorry - this is a long one but I need advice as I am at the end of my tether with this!!

My grandparents are 88 and 89 years old and were sold a power-shower cubicle, flooring, tiles and a light by Dolphin Bathrooms.
Upon investigating I have found that my grandparents paid an extortionate price of £4,500 for a very poor service.

The shower unit was delivered and a Dolphin Bathroom fitter arrived and immediately started taking out the old bath. Upon starting the installation of the shower unit however, he found the base was broken. A replacement shower base was not delivered until a week later, and this was also cracked. During this time my grandparents had no bath or shower facilities and were living in cramped conditions because the shower cubicle and parts had been put behind their sofa in their small lounge by the fitter. Consequently during this time my 88 year old grandfather had to sleep on an upright armchair as my Great Aunt, also in her 80s, was staying and the sofa bed on which she normally sleeps couldn't be opened owing to the lack of space.
Tiles had also arrived cracked and Dolphin had told them that replacements for these and the shower base would definitely be delivered on certain dates. They therefore cancelled all appointments - including a weeks stay away - to ensure they were in, but deliveries didn't arrive.

It wasnt until 3 weeks later (15 working days) that the shower was finally working.

My obvious complaint is about the length of time it has taken to complete this work. Allowances should have been made for an elderly couple left to handwash themselves in their tiny kitchen.

The shoddy workmanship includes the shower door from opening in both directions, so water ends up on the floor, cracked and uneven tiles, the light is a complete mess, and pipes not properly concealed. The fitter also managed to damage the bannister, leaving it torn from the wall and he put up a towel rail with the wrong size screws so it wasn't stable.

I sent an email complaining and they responded immediately. They were very apologetic and the fitting manager went to inspect and called me to say the tiles were being replaced and they were going to replace the light. It seemed that they were taking my complaint seriously until I visited my grandparents and saw nothing has been done 2 months later.

I need to be careful as my grandparents know nothing of my complaint - they were so stressed about the whole situation while the work was being done and I don't want to upset them further.

I have emailed them today asking for the Customer Service Manager to call me by 12.30pm today but I've not heard from them as yet!

I think my grandparents entitled to compensation for what they've had to put up with - What channel should I take?
If Trading Standards got involved, would they have to speak to my grandparents?

Any advice appreciated.
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Trading Standards may have to speak to your Grandparents i would imagine. But you do have a genuine complaint case here. Take pics of the damage and make sure you have all the info you require. They should give some sort of compensation.

Ive just checked on Google and found theres a few cases where customers have been left unhappy with Dolphin. Maybe worth a read to see how you could follow up and get the result you want.
your grandparents should complain or at least know you are complaining on their behalf.

read their guarantee :-

keep phoning them it's an 0800 number, phone every day!
this is not a great company.

As they are not youngsters you might want to contact one of the sunday newspapers who do this sort of thing (look at complaints on your behalf) or watchdog. They may be putting together a story on them - if they get hold of it I am sure that will get it sorted,
Are they regulated by anyone - like a building agency?
why not have a word with citizens advice bureau...

its disgusting that ur aged grandparents have had to endure so much at such ridiculous prices!
You could try here :

I would tell them what your doing, someone may turn up to fix the work and they might say they didnt complain and send them away. Hope you get it all sorted its a disgrace
When i contacted CD about a builder(link in earlier post) they first advised me to send a recorded delivery letter outlining the problems and issue them with a specific date(say April 30th for example) that you would require all the work to be fixed/put right by.

Then contact CD again if no joy.
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