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    mother in laws bank card has been used on amazon without her knowledge what should she do and who should she contact the bank has been notified and she asked to cancel her card but was advised not to as they could still use the card for small havent really been very helpful is there any way to find out from amazon what was ordered and where it was delivered to


    happpens all the time mate , cancel the card , call the bank they will send you a form to fill in,they will investigate it and then you will get your money back


    the bank should deal with it

    Who does she bank with? They will always cancel the card if it's been used fraudulently and not advise to let them continue. lol

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    halifax and she rang them at 1 am this morning when she noticed 4 transactions with amazon first was 29.99 second 14.99 3rd 23.99 then 63.99 all over the last couple of days. is there a tel number with amazon just for this

    def cancel it i had £300.00 taken they told me exactly the same this was lloyds tsb and 7 days later they took the same amount again then they cancelled it !!!

    Phone the banks fraud department who will cancel the bank card and send out a new card and new account number.
    They will also refund the money after the fraud shows on the account.

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    thanks to all you nice people who have helped out today


    they will send a new debit card but no bank will change the bank account … they will send a new debit card but no bank will change the bank account number, I'm with abbey and since April ive had fraud every month and they wont do a damn thing about it just cancel the card and send a new one, The fraud ranges for £10.00 upto £6000.00 and anything in between, and yes they left each and every transaction go through leaving me way overdrawn with huges fees they think they are going to get me to pay..yeah right!!This months ive had 6 direct debit fraud transactions and they still wont do anything, waiting for them to get my money back again then im closing the damn thing and use Barclays

    Do you do a lot of internet shopping/banking?
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