help, after a 32"lcd

    looking to get it on finance and have around £400 to spend anybody got any tips?


    Go to Woolworths! £400 as budget you are bound dto get a good one!

    Well I've just spent 2 days of solid graft finding the right 32" lcd for me and my budget.

    Eventually I narrowed it down to these contenders:

    1. Panasonic TX32LXD700 - £738

    2. Toshiba 32c3030/5 DB - £424.99

    3. SONY KDL32D3000 - £649

    4. SAMSUNG LE32R88/87 BD (X) - £459

    In an ideal world if my budget would stretch to it I think the Sony one on the list is the best 32" screen available closely followed by the Panasonic one. Mainly because they both offer the 100hz refresh rate (Normal LCDs at the moment are only going up to 60hz) which by all accounts improves the visual quality of the picture quite markedly in some cases but apparently you have to be pretty close to the screen to notice the difference.

    Anyway I ended up going with the Samsung one because I couldn't find a bad review for it, from my extensive research and trawling through websites the consensus is that the picture is superb, it looks sexy but the sound is only average but better than most, also given the quality and the features you get with it the price is an absolute steal.

    The best price I could find for it was at, listed at £469 but if you enter 'Jan10' in your basket you get a tenner off so the total I paid was £459 including delivery. The only downside is that I have to wait "up to 14 days for delivery" :cry:

    All in all I reckon I've made the best choice from a budget vs quality point of view and they do offer online finance as well if you want it.

    Here's the link…566

    I can vouch for the Samsung, have bought two 32's and one 37 inch - not bad telly at all for the money, if for the main room make sure you get a surround system to back it up - needs a bit more depth in sound.

    Tribal UK aren't bad, stock always turned over fast, 12 months interest free if you need it, if there are any vouchers knocking around I bet you could get it for £450 delivered. With a few Ipoints included....

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