HELP: Alternative to screws for a partition wall

    Our office has partition walls and we need to put up notice boards, ideally we would like to avoid using screws as we will have to pay for any damage and it's only a short term lease..

    any suggestions..

    the notice boards are quite big, but not particularly heavy..


    you can buy it with sticky pads on the back and it's quite strong

    Why do you need a notice board, Just blu tac your notices on the wall. If you like, paint a section of the wall a different colour to let it resemble a notice board


    Velcro?you can buy it with sticky pads on the back and it's quite strong

    There ya go…3PI

    can you get a free standing one ?


    get a big easel and stick ya board on that

    i have used this type of thing the more you fit the better
    fit a string or wire and fit like a picture
    they come in all sizes…spx



    Don't use this:


    Removing the notice board when it's stuck with no nails will knacker the wall much worse than a couple of screw holes will.

    Original Poster

    Ok.. pinning notices to the walls will look really tacky, free standing is an idea but we have three of them and very little floor space..

    cheers guys for your help


    good old post it notes...could even use different colours for different importance
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