Help - Amazon Return Fees

    Hey all

    Quick question I hope you can help me with. I am returning two pairs of shoes to Amazon - but cannot work out how much they are going to charge me - VERY confusing!

    I can't work it out, between the item prices/package prices?

    Also, which is the best way to return - by their own service thing or going to the post office.

    Hope someone can help.



    hi there if you email them, and state that you have 2 items to return just say you would like a collection on a certain day by parcelforce, they normally do it saves you the hassle, worth a try


    They didn't charge me on two seperate items I returned. They said they would but I got the whole lot refunded. I printed out return labels from Amazon themselves and just took the parcels to the post office. I doubt if this applies if you bought from Amazon marketplace though.
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