Help and advice around upgrading my 2.5 sata hard drive.

Found 3rd Dec 2017
I have a Asus gl551jw laptop and it only has one source of memory which is the 2.5 sata ssd hard drive. I decided to increase the memory and bought a 2tb ssd hard drive instead and my problem began. Firstly for this model, it's not just a matter of swapping the 2.5 hard drives as I thought, because if u take out the current hard drive, the laptop won't boot. I have been trying to read about this and it's now 2am am shattered. Can anyone please offer me advice around how best to swap the hard drives. I have also been looking at some sata hard drive to usb connections and not sure if these will help. The reason am choosing this route is am hoping to connect the new ssd and have the former hard drive with the system and and Windows on it connected via usb. Would this solve my issues please? Its too late now and I hope am making sense.
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You can image the drive and clone it to the new drive using clonezilla or Acronis.
The SSD isn't classed as memory but storage so your OS is stored on it. As above you will of received free software with the SSD to backup the OS to the new SSD. What you need is a way of connecting both SSDs to the computer at the same time.

Reinstall the original SSD in the laptop and buy an external usb to sata 2.5" enclosure to connect the external drive.
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